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Thursday, 25 November 2010 10:33

                World Health Day

 Dear Friends

 Heart Disease and Chronic Lifestyle Diseases are today’s Top Killers in the urban scenario. 

 This is especially true of young working professionals and busy senior executives who fall prey to Obesity,  High BP, Diabetes, High    Cholesterol and more owing to their lifestyle, stress and neglect.   The Concept of Healthy living is now practically a part of  retirement something to be take care of once professional and life aspirations are met.World Health Day is the perfect occasion to  bring Health into focus at your organization. This world health day, we bring you a specially designed workshops addressing the most  urgent need of   most  

                                           working individuals – Healthy Heart & Stress Management For Working Professionals

                                           Full Details are at



Welcome to Dr Meena Shah - A World of health  & Happiness

I have been committed to health awareness and positive health care for the last 25 years. As a pioneer in the field of corporate wellness and occupational health, I have worked with over 300 companies across India.

Ill health is a drain on finances, on professional growth, on personal happiness, social development, family happiness and much more.  But we, Indians don't recognize all these hidden costs. High BP, Cholesterol, Diabetes and many other diseases are an accepted way of life!!!

I am focussed on holistic health at all levels - corporate, family, children and the underprivileged.

My USP - A doctor with 25 years of experience in health training, 30 years experience in pregnancy and childbirth and 25 years experience in creating health media for Pharma and Govt.  Here's a summary of my primary activities

1. Corporate Wellness & Occupational Health 

As a pioneer in the area of corporate wellness, I conduct customized workshops for better health, productivity, safety and morale for employees at all levels from Shift workers to office staff to executives to women and much more.  A far cry from regular doctor lectures, my workshops are energizing, scientific, practical and have a BIG LIFELONG IMPACT

For large corporates, I conduct TTT/TOT Training of the Trainers to create wellness leaders

2.Women's wellness & Antenatal Training

Women are the backbone of our society and enroute to becoming mothers they receive little to no training on having a health pregnancy, childbirth, childcare and healthy family care. The first pregnancy classes in Ahmedabad, my pregnancy class is a must for women who want to be prepared physically, mentally and emotionally as they transition to motherhood.  I have created a dozen videos as well on all aspects of pregnancy care, chilbirth childcare and women wellness


3.Health Media

I have created scores of videos and films for pharma companies as well as Govt.  The unique combination of medical expertise, understanding of audience and understanding of business needs enables me to create phenomenal media.  My Documentary for Gujarat Govt - Matrutva Na Marge, earned me awards and acclaim.  I have appeared in thousands of TV shows in India and Internationally as a health expert and have participated in hundreds of Radio shows in india.


4.Namaste Life  

A non profit  (NGO) dedicated to spreading health via training and communication.  Namaste LIFE is focussed on empowering women, children, elderly and society at large for healthy, fulfilling lives.  Founded in 2009, Namaste LIFE has successfully undertaken over 600 activities wih other NGOs, Govt,Elderly homes and more.  More details on



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